To Start or Not to Start Vlogging?

Kyle and I have been debating on if we want to start a YouTube channel and start vlogging about our lives together. The debate…


  • Will be a way to stimulate my brain and push me in a new way
  • Will be fun to look back in years to come at this time in our lives
  • Capture some fun shots of the family that we might not otherwise
  • Could potentially become a revenue stream for our family
  • Could make us more inclined to get out and explore new places and do new things


  • It takes a lot of time to upload and edit footage
  • Thinking of new content can get tiring
  • Trying to film everyday and bringing the camera everywhere can get annoying
  • I have anxiety about being THAT girl who vlogs or just being another family on YouTube
  • I don’t want Kade to grow up with this black camera in his face all the time… This might be me overthinking things…

If anyone has any insight let me know!! I loved making videos for our vacations to Hawaii, San Francisco, camping and more so I think I will enjoy it but I also get WAY in my head about it all. I know it should be fun and for us and whatever happens happens but I just wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts!

Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying a margarita like I am!

Love, Tasman

2 thoughts on “To Start or Not to Start Vlogging?

  1. I think vlogging is a really neat thing that some moms/families take on. I love watching certain channels who let me in to their lives. But I don’t think I could ever do it because of the time and the YouTube drama that so often unfolds. 😛

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