Living in my Childhood Room

I saw someone’s Instagram story the other day about stats on adult children living in their parent’s homes. So I took a further look and in the article posted by CNN it states that, “A new report by the Pew Research Center found that a majority of young adults — 52% — lived with one or both of their parents in July. Pew’s analysis of monthly Census Bureau data notes that this is higher than any previous measurement.”. The article goes on to state that due to the CoronaVirus young adults have been moving back in with their families to alleviate the economic burden the shutdowns have been causing them.

I am part of that 52% living in their parent’s home, but I was here before COVID.

Kyle and I’s lease on our apartment was up in January and we knew it would be super tight to rent with me working only part-time. We were paying $1875 for a one-bedroom apartment that was about 600 square feet and it went up every year we were there, that is Orange County for you.

My sister had just gone off to Boston Conservatory for her first year of college and there was a spare room at my parent’s house. We jumped at the opportunity to move in so we could start saving for a house. As we started looking for houses around southern California we were certain we would need to move out of state. I am not quite sure what happened to Huntington Beach or Orange County but everyone and their mom wants to live here and there are no houses, or the ones that are for sale are all over a million.

It has been a TRIP living in the room I grew up in with my own baby. I was a baby in that room and now I have a baby in that room! WHAT! That room has been a cozy little spot for so much of my life. When I was younger I shared it with my brother, Tiernan. As time went on I shared it with my cousin, Jasmin and my sister, Tatum. Yes, three girls in one room. And then another time in life brought my other cousin, Tovy. It has been a spot for many family members and there have been so many good memories.

It is very cramped with a Cal King bed, a crib, a changing table, a TV (that we don’t use because we have a baby), and all of our stuff! Here are a few pictures of our set up. We are so thankful that we are able to spend this time with family so they can see Kade grow as much as possible before we move. And we are so thankful we get to save up quicker! Thank you ma and dad, we love you and appreciate the help!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Tasman

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