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Hi friends! Today I am going to talk about a recent purchase. I have been really into buying from small businesses and especially people that I know. I think it is because I have been baking for some cash and love when people buy my stuff. Just want to support people’s dreams and make them feel fuzzy inside while also getting an AWESOME product made with love.

I coached swimming at the high school level for four years and met a lot of amazing student-athletes. I loved my job and I miss it a lot, sometimes. My husband and I were walking on the beach today and we saw a group of softball ladies working out on the beach. I said, “I miss coaching” and then thought to myself… uh I do and I don’t. I do miss the connections, the way it continued to fulfill my competitive drive and providing an experience for the kids. I don’t miss the shitty conversations, the hard days where nothing goes according to plan and working my ass off for no money.

Got side-tracked there… Serina Jewelry is a former student-athletes sister’s company. That is complicated. I saw that my former student-athlete had posted about her sisters company and I really liked how cute the pieces were and that she was just doin’. the. damn. thing.

Serina Jewelry is a small hand-made jewelry business started by Bianca Salazar in Santa Barbara, CA. Bianca’s goal is to create pieces that will make you feel like your best self. Beads and materials are sourced from small Etsy shops and then hand-crafted. Serina Jewelry values shopping small and supporting other female businesses, which sang to my heart! She hopes to eventually source all beads from vintage or thrift stores in order to become a more sustainable business!

A little back story. My mom used to make me stuff like this back in the day. Below is a picture of me in preschool wearing a necklace that she made. I remember these little pieces and when I saw Serina Jewelry I was immediately taken back to my childhood. I wanted to recreate a piece like my mothers with my husband and son’s initials on it.

Bianca was awesome to work with. She took my order right away and even sent me pictures of the necklace in progress. I got realllllly tripped out about the initials being K and K, thinking it was really close to KKK, which is terrible so she did a few different variations to help qualm my anxiety. I really appreciated the time she spent helping me through the process and giving me updates on when the necklace was complete and when it would arrive.

It came earlier than expected and was cuter than I ever imagined. I haven’t taken it off for the past five days, I am in love! Go check out her instagram @serinajewelry_ and give her a follow for some seriously cute pieces.

Kade & Kyle

Love, Tasman

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