Raising a Baby During COVID

Kade and I in our side yard getting our steps in!

We had Kade at the end of November. And we were pretty hardcore on the vaccination talk and having our family be up to date with their shots in order to hang with Kade. If you don’t have a little person you basically have to be really careful for the first six months of their lives in terms of going out and about and interacting with people. With it being flu season, we were on extra high alert. Me, with the anxiety I deal with, took this very seriously. I think I went to Target once when he was three months old and I was a nervous wreck.

Along comes March, Kade’s 6-month doctors visit and the hopeful end of my anxiety about being out with him. Insert COVID-19 and the quarantine. Oh yeah. We went from being basically home-bound to help incubate Kade to being home-bound to prevent the spread of COVID. I wasn’t too anxious about COVID in terms of Kade because the statistics at that point had no bearing on babies. But my dad is part of the population that is high-risk so we were (and still are) 100% on board with keeping the household healthy and safe. We didn’t see Kyle’s family for almost two months which is A LOT of time when you have a little baby who basically grows and learns stuff every day.

Since Kade has been born he has been at either our house, Kyle’s family’s house or the grass at the park far away from the actual playground. It has been an INSANE time but not really that insane if I am being honest, in a I’ve-been-at-home-forever kind of way.

I have been struggling with the fact that Kade has had NO interaction with any little people or strangers or different environments. Recently we have been meeting up with our friends at the park but we sit apart and when the other little guy comes over to hang we have to whisk him away, so sad! I just want to go to the grocery store with him. I want him to see all the colors and touch different textures, hear weird intercom sounds and say hi to people passing by. I want to go to the zoo! I want to browse Target and let him pick out a toy! I want to go get ice cream and stroll downtown Disney. It is killing me but we are staying strong and doing what is right for right now.

I think for the most part this is affecting me more than it is Kade. I am like (in a crazed mom voice)… he is going to be socially scarred from not being exposed to all these experiences. Kyle has talked about how his extended family hasn’t been able to even meet Kade yet and close cousins are restricted to driveway hangs.

I cannot wait for the day when I am not anxious about bringing Kade out or bringing anything home. It will come, I know. And if there is a positive from this whole pandemic it has been having Kyle at home, I am SO thankful for him to have been home for as long as he has. This whole work-from-home deal is a freaking game changer for us. Kyle has been able to see so many fun things with Kade and I love having him close by if I need help. We hope that his work will allow him to work remotely indefinitely. For Kyle, he gets to roll out of bed about 4 minutes before clocking in… And the second he clocks out he is at home ready to play with Kade and I. We have spent a lot of time together as a family and I appreciate the flexibility that the work-from-home option brings to our family.

Here is to hoping everyone is learning new things and spending time with those they love!

Love, Tasman

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