Fried Bread

Alright this is the easiest thing ever but it is the best thing to enjoy in the morning alongside eggs and coffee. I love me some toast but this elevates toast to another level. Believe me and give it a try.

You have to have fresh-ish bread for this to be the best possible thing. I mean like some leftover french loaf from spaghetti dinner the night before… Rolls that you use for sub sandwiches… Not bread that you would use for a PB& J or toast. For me, I get the rolls that the grocery store bakes daily. Hoagie rolls, Kasier rolls or Bolillo rolls, they will all work!

First you cut yourself a nice slice with a big surface area for some butter.

Next, spread the butter all over one side of the bread.

Next, plop that bread butter-side down on a frying pan. Let it fry up for about 2-3 minutes or until you see that the face is getting crispy and golden.

And finally, you can drizzle with honey or slather it with jam. Or just go for it straight up. Anyway you have it, it will be delicious. Thank me later!

Hope this bread makes its way onto your breakfast table this weekend!

Love, Tasman

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