Tasman Alf – My Name Meaning

Good day friends! I am coming to you today with the meaning of my name. I grew up and continue to get lots of questions (and compliments) about my name…. How do you say it? Where did it come from? What does it mean? Alf… What? So I got the real details for ya.

My first name is Tasman. It is said like Jasmine but with a “T”, that is usually how I explain it to people. My dad named me after the Tasman Sea in Australia. The Tasman Sea is in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand. My dad loves the ocean and is a world renowned kneeboarder so it seemed fitting.

My middle name is Alf. My mom explained that initially they wanted something British. There happened to be a British artist, Alison Moyet, who came out with an album Alfie. My mom looked into it further and Alfie is a term of endearment in Britain. Alfie is a popular nickname meaning magical or elfish so she shortened it up a bit and went with it. It just so happens that the show about the orange fluffy alien who eats cats had come out a few years earlier… My mom kept getting comments about them naming me after this Alien Life Form… Pictured below. As she sits next to me she is saying, “did people really think I would name my daughter after this thing?” So she ended up telling people that it is an acronym for Always Loved Forever. And that has been how I have explained it my whole life.

This is me!!

In high school I was nicknamed Alfie by a few people. I acted like I hated it but looking back I think I secretly loved how my name made me different. It has a story and I appreciate that.

Thanks for reading today!

Love, Tasman

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