Upcycled Frame Wreath

So I grew up with a dad who would literally riffle through the trash to find treasures for his art. To say that I would be embarrassed would be an understatement… One time I had a guy friend who I saw randomly and he was like oh yeah I saw your dad in the dumpster at the beach. I was beyond mortified. But as I got older and was able to appreciate how cool his art was I understood why he did what he did. Also, who cares what people think of you anyways! That thought process comes with age though… Here is an example of my dads art to give you an idea of the type of creations he creates. He has his own instagram @tombackerart, check him out!

So the other day we had neighbors that were moving out and steadily putting out trash. I saw two wooden frames that looked outdated but still in good shape so I scampered over and took them. I felt like a squirrel. And then I get inside and my brother goes, “what is that?” and I just looked at him. And he proceeds to say, “okay dad”. And I DIED. I am my dad now.

This craft took me about 2 weeks to complete if I am being completely honest. But alas, that is what happens when you have a nine-month old. You could realistically finish this in a day if you are free of spit up and sesame street.

I started with cleaning the plain frame and painting it!

I also painted the wooden letters individually. The letters were from Hobby Lobby and cost $5.

Next I jerry-rigged a backing with some cardboard that we had in the recyclable bin.

Then I just started going to town with the glue gun, gluing leaves and flowers all around the edge.

Once I started coming towards the center I began adding the letters. I used a cut up pasta box to create the height I needed to have flowers and leaves behind the letters.

After the letters were in place I filled in all of the spaces with leaves and flowers to finish it off. The leaves and flowers were from Hobby Lobby and cost about $15!

Finally, I added the rope for hanging. I just used the hot glue gun for that too. You can use hardware if you don’t want the rope to be visible.

This was a fun DIY that used quite a few things I already had! I hope you enjoyed the post today!

Love, Tasman

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