Cocoa Powder

Let’s talk chocolate cake! I love me a moist, chocolate-y bundt cake. If one could just be on the counter at all times that would be okay with me. As you can see on the left hand side I just oiled the pan and omitted the flour because I didn’t want to have a white crust. And it comes out looking like a… rock formation? Just being kind to myself.

I have made my fair share of cakes and most call for buttering and flouring the pan. When I made one of my first chocolate cakes it came out with a chalky looking crust and I was like well that doesn’t look appetizing. So, I did some research and the professionals (so fancy) do the flouring with cocoa powder to maintain the dark chocolate color.

I am very happy to have found out this tip and use it all the time. I hope this helps you with your chocolate cake endeavors!

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