Useful Things To Add To Your Baby Registry

I am a new mom and feel like I have a whole new outlook on the prenatal, birth & postnatal journey, now that I am on the other side. There are a few things I would have done differently. When people say sleep now because you won’t be able to later, seriously… sleep, relax on the couch, watch as much TV and as many movies as you can, walk around Target mindlessly, go out to eat.

Here are some random items that I didn’t think of while I was pregnant that I wish I would have put on my registry. You learn as you go through it so you might also think of things that make your personal journey easier for you. Some of them I was resistant to ask for because I was dead set on a certain parenting style and regret not asking for them looking back on it!

  1. Foam Floor Pieces

This might not apply to everyone but we have hardwood floors everywhere in our house. I didn’t realize how much time you spend on the floor, it is all the time, so these come in handy to create a soft-dish play area for your baby. We ordered plain grey ones from Amazon but there are companies that have cool designs and colors if you are wanting to go all out!

2. Twinkle Lights

When you are putting the baby down for the night or during night feeds you will want to keep the lighting to a minimum. If you have dimmers on your lights in your home this item might not apply to you. I didn’t have these right away so I was either blasting the baby and us with the full on lights or using my cell phone flashlight which is awkward and just didn’t work well. So I decided we needed either a night light or string lights. The light from our Hatch was too dim to reach where I changed him so I used string lights on my side table. These are not the ones I bought but will give you an idea of some soft lighting you can have in the room or next to your bed.

3. UVA & UVB Protectant Umbrella

I love being outdoors and taking walks. I quickly realized that baby skin is the most sensitive and precious thing ever. Once our little guy could be in the front carrier (facing out) we bought a hat to help shield him from the sun. The hat works well but after a few walks I saw his poor little hands getting all red so I did some research and found a super protective umbrella. It was kind of pricey but it has been one of our most used items. We usually walk three times a day and he is fully covered at all times so I never have to worry about sunburns! We bought ours off Amazon but there are a ton out there, just make sure they are fully protecting. They also have a mounting piece that you can buy separately so you can attach it to your stroller or chair, I have been debating on buying this too.

4. Big Blankets

When you think of babies you think of swaddles and little blankets with cute prints and what not. They work well on the couch and while feeding but when you think about putting the baby on the floor or sitting outside… I had to put like five little blankets out to make enough space to play and to allow me to sit on the blanket too. So larger blankets are a great thing to ask for! I would suggest a quilt because it is sturdier and grass doesn’t stick to it or come poking through.

5. Nipple Care Items

Oh breastfeeding… For most new moms it is seen as such a natural, loving, compassionate act that is enjoyed by both mother and baby. Not for the first few weeks let me just tell you. I know I am not alone in the fact that it was an epic struggle, between the pain and your baby learning how to navigate THE WHOLE WORLD outside your womb haha! I would argue that it is harder than the actual birth, no joke. And that brings me to nipple care items. You might think this is a strange thing to ask for but it is really something that will be useful and way more helpful than five more onesies! If you have other mom friends I am sure they will be the ones to buy these items for you. Some things that might be good to ask for would be nipple warmers/coolers, nipple ointments, gel pads, washable nursing pads and nipple shields (not the ones for breastfeeding but for protection between feeds from rubbing between bra/shirt and nipple). Just type in nipple care in google and add it all!

6. Bottle Washing Gear

This will just make your life way easier. Having the right brushes to help reach the bottom of the bottle or the hard to reach parts is so clutch. We spend A LOT of time washing bubbas and these two brushes help us so much.

7. Good Set of Bottles

I was DEAD SET on breast feeding for as long as I could and that turned out to be only six weeks. We were fortunate enough to have gotten a second hand bottle set from my husband’s sister but if we hadn’t it would have been a scramble to get everything to transition to bottle feeding. Even if you do breastfeed for a year, you will pump and then need a way to feed. So a good set of bottles should be on your list! We use Dr. Brown’s Anti-Gas bottles. They do have a lot of parts to clean which can get tiring but they work really well for us!

8. Giftcards

When you think about baby showers you see small cute outfits, rattles, diapers and blankets… They will grow out of it all and the diapers will run out. If you ask for some gift cards it will help with things that you didn’t think you needed or for things that run out like formula, diapers, bigger clothes or more advanced toys.

9. Porch Swing

This might be a stretch but if you have the space to store things this would be a great thing to put on your registry. A Little Tike swing has been used since the beginning of time… or ever since I can remember. The swing will convert to a toddler swing too so it lasts for longer!

10. Beach Umbrella

We have a good sized backyard and I like to switch up where I play with our little guy. I first started with cramming myself in the corner next to the shade provided by a tree and had to go inside once the shade moved out of range to cover us. Insert beach umbrella… My mother-in-law had an extra and it has been used everyday since. Once again, make sure it has some protection from the sun in terms of UVA & UVB. The one she gave us was a Tommy Bahama one from Costco but anything with a solid base and protection will work!

11. Something for yourself!

I think a lot of moms don’t think about how insane of an experience having a baby is and let alone the recovery. I wish I would have thought more about myself through the process. This can look different for different moms so I am just going to list a few things that might be helpful… A deliciously soft robe, I lived in mine for the last month of my pregnancy and my first few weeks with feedings and just relaxing around the house.

12. A baby hat

This was an item that we continued to use until Kade decided he hated it and wanted to rip it off instead. We have continually tried and tried again so someday he will keep it on and we will be able to stop lathering him with thick, white sunscreen.

13. Grooming/Medical Products

I had gotten some samples from my mom’s friend at work of Infant Tylenol and Desitin but didn’t think about how much you actually use these items. This might be hard since you don’t know what exactly will work for your baby but the basics like diaper rash cream, vitamin D (if breastfeeding), baby detergent, infant Tylenol, lotions, shampoos, gas drops… This will all help with not needing to make last minute trips out to the store.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything that made your life easier throughout these first months and years of the little babes! I would love to know what else is out there for the next one!

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