Silicone Baking Mats

Today I want to talk about these genius creations called silicone baking mats. These bad boys have made our lives so much easier in the kitchen and on my mind.

For one, the cooking and cleaning with the mats is way easier. When you use parchment paper it can be awkward to get the right size cut and the edges start rolling up. I end up using knives and other kitchen gadgets to keep the paper flat, annoying.

And secondly, you are reducing waste caused by the use of parchment paper and foil. I have a lot of anxiety about waste and have been trying to find any and all sorts of ways to make a difference. Since I bake and cook A LOT this has been a really great switch for our family. Here is a picture of the wear after two years and we use them either overnight to bake veggies or every other night for cookies, scones, etc.

On Silpat’s website they say the life of the mat is two to three thousand uses and depends on the maintenance. I have been using mine for over two years and they are still going strong. I tried to find negative effects of using them past their lifespan but couldn’t find anything so I will continue to use them until they are too beat up!

There are so many brands out there from the original Silpat brand from France (so fancy) or generic mats from Target or other big box stores. They range from $10 to $35 depending on what size you choose and are WELL WORTH the investment.

Thanks for tuning in today, I hope this post helps in some way!

Love, Tasman

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