Incontinence & Physical Therapy

On top of my more specific recipe, DIY, travel and kid posts I will be attempting to blog everyday for a year. Here we are on day one… and it feels like… a lot. But I figured I need to pick a set amount of time and just give it a good, solid try.

Today I went to physical therapy for incontinence. Incontinence? Yes, the inability to control your bladder. Fellow moms will probably relate to this post and if you aren’t, here is just one lesson on babies and how they take over your body. I know that sounds harsh but it is a reality that I did not know about until going through it. I love my Kade more than anything in this world but he jacked. me. up. Good thing he is cute… Just kidding! Your body goes through so many changes while carrying a child and the connection between my core and pelvic floor is basically non-existent anymore. I have to relearn how to get them working together so I don’t pee every time I do anything with force.

I love HIIT workouts and have done them since I stopped swimming and playing water polo. They take around thirty minutes, are fun and just get you there. While I was pregnant I slowed it down a bit and now in my postpartum journey have had to still modify due to peeing. Everywhere. Anytime I jump, skip, hop, laugh, sneeze, cough… I just pee. Sometimes it is a tinsey bit and sometimes by the end of a workout I am full on soaked through my pants.

Thank goodness it has been all under quarantine so the only people that see my large pee mark is my family. But there have been a few times when I go on a run and end up being MORTIFIED that someone is just gawking at me. But alas, who cares what they think and I probably will never see them again so I try to bring it back to center.

I was referred to physical therapy and have been to about 5 appointments so far. On my first appointment when I walked into the room there was a big table that reminded me of a massage table with paper on it and a gown. I thought to myself, “that is weird”, next thing I know I am pants-less, with my physical therapist’s finger just doin’ her thang (not trying to be too graphic here). I had NO idea that there would be, what they call, internal work. But basically she is feeling the pelvic floor muscles and how strong, weak or tight they are. We also go to the gym and work on a pilates machine, running and jumping but for half of the hour we do internal work.

I have been making slow progress but it is hard stuff! I definitely took for granted how much of a perfect machine my body was before growing a baby. I could workout out multiple hours a day, not have to be in close proximity to a bathroom and felt so strong. After growing and birthing Kade, I am slowly learning how to love my new body and give it the things it is asking for. Sometimes it is a day off working out, sometimes it is extra food (like chips or a margarita) and sometimes it is going to sleep at 9 pm. And it is exactly 9:05 pm so I am out!

Thanks for tuning in today, I hope you have a good day!

Love, Tasman

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