Shadow Box Wedding Flowers

I saved the flowers that my husband gave me on our engagement, I had them propped up on a shelf and they were collecting dust, shedding petals and just getting in the way. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them but I knew I wanted to do something special. It took me about four years to think up something and this is the creation I ended up with! I love it and now they are displayed in a meaningful way with a picture of Kyle and I on our wedding day.

You only need a few items to get this picture frame going:

  • Shadow box ( I got mine at a craft store with a 20% off coupon)
  • Enlarged print (base the size off how many flowers you have and shadow box size)
  • Pins (I only used 4 and probably could have done it without them!)
  • Flowers and greenery

I started by framing the frame with my larger flowers.

Then I added some fillers to try and cover up the black background. Notice how I don’t waste anything in the middle of the frame, you will be covering this part up with the picture.

I added the greenery last because I wanted those to be most prevalent. (Don’t mind the baby monitor… I had to take these pictures in a RUSH trying to get it done before he woke up!)

This step is a little lacking. You can go more in depth to make the picture stay still by creating four pillar-like sticks or pins that you can glue the picture onto. But I literally just put the picture as centered as I thought worked for me…

Next comes the hard part… Trying to get the box over the flowers. There was a lot of crunching and smushing but I just went for it. If you are not using the pillar system for holding the picture in place this might take a few tries. I think I did it 3 times until I got it where I liked it. And honestly I got it where I liked it and then when I stood it up the picture fell… So if I had more time I would totally recommend the four pillar system!

I am by no means an expert crafter so I hope you just go for it and don’t let perfectionism hold you back from creating something really cool!

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